Wednesday, June 29, 2011

LCD TV Samsung LE40A656 40in

We guess Samsung had a slight problem as it started trying to design a new range of LCD TVs. For with most critics - and passengers - appear to agree that the previous range of Samsung LCD TVs are the prettiest around, it must be difficult to come up with something better. But like every other England football manager will tell you, with mid-range, new LE40A656 'boys do good' ...

Instructions for the main design features of the 40in LE40A656 is a 'touch of color' phrase has been used to market the Samsung TV. For a while last year's range is almost universally all about black, to 600 range Samsung has injected a subtle red tones (called Rose Black by Samsung) to the panel which becomes gradually more apparent further bezel extends out. This proved to be a masterstroke, giving TV a unique identity without being too exaggerated.


LCD TV Samsung LE40A656 40in
Quality TV is too beautiful building, make sure that the TV looks almost as good from behind as well as from the front. This is a first down in most industries, where the bodywork does not use any glue or screws in its construction. Presumably this means that it is all held together by magic or something.
Not that fancy-looking design and build are the things only the LE40A656 has going for it in its early stages. For starters, a connection which includes no less than four HDMI sockets, all built to the v1.3 specification for Deep Color compatibility, all equipped with KPK functions to control the source devices through the TV remote, and all able to accept the 1080p/24 output from such sources by the majority of Blu-ray player. Cool.
Elsewhere, you get a custom component video inputs, PC input D-Sub, digital optical audio output, two scarts, S-Video input, composite video input and, last but not least, a USB 2.0 port for playing back JPEG stills or file MP3 audio.
The 40A656 incorporate resolution 1920 x 1080 Full HD and 50,000:1 contrast ratio promises very high, which is delivered with the help system is inevitable dynamic contrast where the TV backlight is dimmed to boost black levels during dark scenes. Also play a role is some innovative filtering technology in the screen itself, which drastically reduces contrast-spoiling reflections.
A quick probe into all the features LE40A656 who found something that on paper ought to fill us with joy: 100Hz processing. The technique is to double the normal PAL refresh rate has proven very successful in reducing the problem illustrates the LCD with normal levels of movement without loss of resolution. But we also see sometimes make the picture look worse if the processing machinery was not driving it to zero. And we were worried about his appearance on the LE40A656 because we're not entirely sure of the motion-Film Coupled improve the system found on Samsung's previous LCD sets. Hopefully Samsung has raised its game this time ..

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